(of The Royalty Show) deserve to be preserved forever in a fancy leather-bound book."

"YOUR ART is like Beatrix Potter meets Edward Gorey.

It's fantastic."

"WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS how beautiful this print is up close. A wonderfully talented artist who obviously cares in abundance for her craft."


- Trevorhale.com

"Candace Jean"

By Trevor Hale, 12.10.12


- City Weekly; Gavin's Underground

"November Gallery Stroll: Candace Jean"

By Gavin Sheehan, 11.21.11


- The Salt Lake Tribune; Now Salt Lake

"Pure Jeanius: Candace Jean's Teeny Tiny Royalty Show"

By Daisy Blake, 11.16.11

- Salt Lake Magazine

"Artist Interview: Candace Jean Andersen on her fairy tale art at Blonde Grizzly"

By Brittany Hackett, 6.16.11


- Daily Utah Chronicle

  "A walk on the artistic side"

   By Trevor Hale, 11.20.08



- The Salt Lake Tribune

  "Local Treasures from Utah Artists"

   By Ben Fulton, 12.13.12


- City Weekly

  "Artys 2012: The Best in Local Arts"

   By contributing CW Staff, 09.13.12


- The Salt Lake Tribune

  "Tonight: Five picks for Gallery Stroll"

   By Glen Warchol, 10.21.11



- Simply Utah

  "Utah Artist Candace Jean"

   By Leslie Andrus, 11.15.10


- The LA Times

  "Exhibition of Bill Murray-inspired art

   opens at R&R Gallery downtown"

   By Oliver Gettell, 09.16.10


- The Etsy Blog

  "Etsy Finds Decor: Repurposed Retreat"

   By Christine Domanic, 02.07.10

"HER ITEMS are perfectly crafted with astonishing detail and then they are wrapped up so exquisitely, it's like opening a fairy tale!"


- Craft Lake City Artist Profile: Candace Jean

 A featurette SLUG & CLC produced on the process behind my sketches to final prints, and why vending with Craft Lake City is motivational and valuable to artists. 

- Celebration of the Hand

I was selected by Craft Lake City & their partnership with The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change to create and install a large plakat in Downtown SLC as part of a walk-able outdoor gallery exhibit titled "Celebration of the Hand."


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