What mediums do you prefer?

All of them. Any of it. There are still some I'm aching to try and others I want to be better at. If I had to pick one, I'd say whatever could get me smooth color transition without much fuss. Vague much? I get that from my mom. The indecisiveness is my dad. The subject change is solely my fault.






Will you illustrate my book?

Unless you are currently working with a major publishing house, I cannot discuss the providing of illustrations for your story. I do apologize. 



Do you do consignment? What about wholesale?

I cannot accept further consignment arrangements at this time, I'm sorry. I can work with you on wholesale accounts however. Please email me at orders {at} candacejean {dot} com for more details.



Will you draw for me a portrait of my daughter/mother/son/dog?

I thank you for your desire to have me create a portrait for you, but I am currently unable to take private commissions. 



Will you draw a tattoo for me?

While flattered you want me to illustrate something like this for you, I just can't take any private commissions at this time. Please feel free to take an image of my work to your local (and well-researched) tattoo shop where any good artist could recreate my piece in a suitable way for you. 



Can I have permission to get your work tattooed on me?

Sure! Please send me a picture of the finished piece so that I can see. 



What sort of mediums do you use?

I use all sorts. When I say "mixed media" I usually mean a combination of the following: colored pencil, graphite, drawing ink, chalk pastels, and/or watercolor. I favor Golden acrylic paints, have used oils, and occasionally include a bit of gold leafing, metallic pigment, calligraphy ink, acrylic ink or digital coloring.



How can I get an original?

Please keep an eye on my journal. New work is announced there first, and if you see something you love please contact me for more information. The work could be traced to a gallery where it will show and be offered for sale, or to a local marketplace I plan to participate in, or placed in my online shop. (top)



I'm not local, but I want one of (those things) you sold at a craft show. Can I get one? How?

If I have any leftovers from any one of my shows they will be placed in my online shop. If there are no leftovers or it appears that everything has sold, please contact me and perhaps we can work something out.  (top)



Can I feature you in my online journal?

Certainly! And thank you. If you would be kind enough to give proper credit to my work and perhaps a link home it would be much appreciated.  (top)



How did you get started?

I was lucky enough to be raised in an artistic environment and have always been drawing. One day in 2007 and after a couple months of initiative, I finally finished a painting when I hadn't even started one in the last five years. The painting was of "Charlie" and her cardinals, and she was in a completely different style than anything I had done before but I loved her.  She brought out something new in me; a way for me to create stylized portraits. Around that same time I was trying hard to get back to school, raise a little boy, and find time for work. I started illustrating again because I deeply missed doing it, and after a very specific dream I had one night about selling odd little cards I was encouraged by a friend to do just that. I hand-painted each one of those cards and sold them as originals from the counter of the coffee shop where I then worked. After watching them sell out and people asking for more, and of course after building up some courage, I decided to package some cards and take them to a nearby gallery to discuss consignment options. The curator loved the cards and welcomed them wholeheartedly. That led me to discovering other local shops, markets and craft shows held in my own city. From there I learned about web-based platforms that allow artists to sell their handmade goods online, I set up a storefront, and have just kept going.  (top)



How do you get in to galleries?

All of my gallery opportunities have been by invitation. Luckily my work was referred to or stumbled upon by the gallery owners and/or curator. If you want to approach a gallery, be sure to check for submission guidelines on their website and follow them carefully.  (top)


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